ICISEM is the Integrated Computerised Information System for Environmental Management. That system is dedicated for state and municipality institutions, international environmental organizations and society to provide reliable information and data on the state of environmental quality and crucial anthropology impact on the state of environmental changes.

ICISEM electronic services are allocated for private and legal persons to submit data of environmental quality, for municipality – to gather information of air and bathing water quality, for environmental specialist and society – to get data and information of the environmental state quality.

Using ICISEM it is possible to gather environmental monitoring data analysis and information in your own territory, to present information of bathing water quality for competent institutions, to analyze gathered data and picture data on maps.

Gathered information and data of the state of environment at ICISEM is accessed by portal:http://aplinka.lt

ICISEM portal submit information of air, water, landscape, waste management, chemical substances, climate change. At ICISEM portal it is possible to find and to download reliable and actual information related to environmental data, pollution objects, reports on the state of environmental and anthropology pollution.


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